What can I do for you?

This are my standard offers. For more Information contact me!


Branding and Logo-Design

Do you want to have a great looking Logo for your business or Team?

This offer includes a personal Logo-Design and a Corporate Identity behind it (if desired).

It's an unique design created for the customer who will be included into the design process. There will be several color combinations from which the customer can choose.

For more information contact me.


Webadvertising and Webdesign

You want your business to grow and need some advertising?

This offer includes the design of animated ad banners for your business which can be displayed at different websites. All banners are designed in the standard ad-banner sizes. It also includes a personal Webdesign starting with Screen-Designs and implemented in Wordpress.

For more information contact me.


Photo- and Video-Editing

Need some professional looking Photos or Videos?

This offer includes retouching of Pictures, Photomanipulations, Video- Cutting &Editing and Audio retouching.

For more information contact me.



You want to get your stream a level up?

This offer includes a complete Stream-Design including Game-Overlay, AFK-Screen, Offline-Screen, Intermission-Screen and Buttons for the description. This Design can be applied to your Social Media too. Twitter, Facebook or YouTube-Header are easily made.

For more information contact me.