What I do?

About me

Hi there! My Name is Lasse and I am a Graphic Designer from Hamburg, Germany.

I designed my first "Logo" at the age of 15 and it was really really bad... But it inspired me and I got more and more into Graphic Design. After i finished school I started an education as a Media Designer at "Macromedia Academy Hamburg". I am in my last education year and will finish it in early 2019.

There are three "parts" of me:

Webadvertising and Webdesign

I create new Websites and Web-Advertising.

This includes screendesigns and coding process within the CMS Worpress. As web-advertising service I design and animate ad-banner in the standard formats. This banner can be displayed at different Websites or on social media. Each Design is unique so grab your own one!


This is my favourite work! I love creating a new Logo and the CI behind it. At the moment I am specialized in Logos for E-Sport Teams!

My work includes:

An unique Logo Design.

Direct Communication in the creating process

An exclusive CI behind the Logo (if desired) with Mock Ups and other Designs

Photo and Video editing

Photmanipulations were one of the reasons I started working as a designer. Now it is not my main work anymore, but I can also retouch Photographies and cut Videos.

Included work:

Photomanipulation and retouching

Video cutting and Video editing (excluded: rendering)

Audio retouching


Time is an important factor in business.

At this moment I am still in University so the time I can spend is limited. But this is not a Problem! I try to get my work done in about 2 weeks (depending on the job). Every customer will get a time range in which their order is finished.